4"Robot motor

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Product features:

工作电压(V)Working voltage 24:  轮辋宽度 Rim width

额定功率(W)Rated power 100-180:  轮辋材质 Rim material 铝 Aluminium

峰值功率(W)Peak power 180-200:  轮胎装置位置尺寸 Mountiing position size of tyre

空载转速(rpm)No-load speed 815:  带轮胎外径 Outer diameter of tyre included 105

额定转速(rpm)Rated speed 650:  电机轴轴长 Motor shaft length

峰值扭矩(N.m)Peak torque 5.5:  电机轴开档 Motor shaft drop out size

峰值效率(%)Peak efficiency 60:  电机轴出线方式 Motor shaft outlet mode 直出线 Straight outlet

防护等级(IP)Protection level X4:  扁方尺寸 Flat square size

绝缘等级 Insulation level B:  

传感器类型 Sensor type 磁编码器+霍尔Magnetic Encoder+Hall:  

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