Participated in 2021 China (Chongqing) International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition

Corporate culture| 2021-09-13

The 19th China International Motorcycle Expo

Date: September 17 - 20, 2021

Location: Chongqing International Expo Center (Chongqing, Yue Lai)

Exhibition Stand



Background: The 19th China International Motorcycle Expo is an exhibition focusing on all motorcycle related affairs. On the basis of displaying traditional fuel locomotives, large-displacement motorcycles, spare parts and related products, the exhibition has been intensively cultivated for many years. In order to provide more ancillary value for exhibitors, the exhibition continues to enrich the exhibition levels of motorcycle culture, innovate the exhibition forms and optimize the audience experience. In addition, the exhibition continues to absorb electric motorcycle products representing the future development direction of green energy saving, environmental protection, innovative technology, etc.

Leading Sales——The Global Leader

As the world's leading electric light vehicle motor expert, Jinyuxing is not only far ahead in product sales, technology, quality, but also in production capacity, guarantee ability and professional customized development ability, promoting the innovation and upgrading of the electric vehicle industry.

Envision—— Jinyuxing’s development plan

Brand Orientation: The world's leading electric light vehicle motor expert

Under the brand strategic positioning of "The world's leading electric light vehicle motor expert", Jinyuxing will work hard with its four major manufacturing bases to make the strategic development of the company and the brand, achieving the company IPO target in the next 3 to 5 years.


Product Orientation: All types of electric light vehicle motors

Jinyuxing will constantly develop and upgrade products, forming a unique motor product series, expanding the product system, improving the product structure. Therefore, the products can be applied to all types of electric light vehicle such as electric bicycles, electric mopeds, electric motorcycles, high-speed electric motorcycles, scooters, intelligent drive (balance vehicle, AGV, intelligent robots, transportation tool for special people), etc. Then, Jinyuxing will be worthy of the name of the leading electric light vehicle motor expert.


Jinyuxing has carried out a comprehensive upgrade in brand strategic positioning, indicating the new direction of future development. As the world's leading electric light vehicle motor expert, Jinyuxing participated in the annual event of the motorcycle industry, fully showing the characteristics of leading manufacturing technology and ability in the electric motor industry, proving the value of the motorcycle industry in China.


The new star product——“The king of all-around super running”


In this 19th China International Motorcycle Expo, Jinyuxing not only provided abundant on-site activities and preferential policies, but also presented a new star product—— “The king of all-around super running” that is a high-efficiency MR motor. Jinyuxing will be committed to bring more excellent electric motorcycle products representing the future development direction of “green energy saving, environmental protection and innovative technology" to Chinese motorcycle industry.

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