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Corporate culture| 2017-11-21

May 4th, in support of the Taizhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, jointly organized by Taizhou TV station, Huangyan economic and Information Bureau, Taizhou city electric car industry association, Co Huangyan molding base "good products - Taizhou - we are always on the road" large walking competition activities in Huangyan District Yongning Park held as scheduled. More than 200 athletes participated in the walking competition, more than 40 electric vehicles enterprises from the city, our company was invited to participate in the event.

In 8 pm officially kicked off, at the opening ceremony, the city of Taizhou by the director Wang Guoping, director of light industry letter appoint Taizhou City Electric Vehicle Industry Association of Taizhou broadcasting group deputy general director Zhang Qingsong, Wang Wen respectively in the activities of the purpose, significance and rules for the implementation and that team representatives to all the organizer and the team that the attitude and determination. 9 am, the players passion from the time of Yongning Park, cheerleading, logistical support team cheer scene have to use the camera to record the moment players, bright and brave in high spirit.

hiking competition live activity commemorative photo

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